What’s Your Plan for 2021?

First off, I want to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday. Thanks for tuning into My Quarter Turns and for sharing all of your success stories. I’m looking forward to continuing to add value for you as we head into the New Year.

My first business coach used to always tell me to create my business and personal plan for the next year before it’s actually here. He shared a great tip that if I waited till January to create my plan, then I wouldn’t get started on my plan until April.

Now is a great time to start building, creating or finalizing your plan for 2021. This year with the ongoing Covid situation it seems like’s it hard to make any sort of plan- but remember having even a rough plan is much better than having no plan at all.


I think there is also a misconception around why we actually have plans in the first place. Plans and planning aren’t so that things go perfectly. And by the way if you haven’t already figured it out, you are not paid for perfection in your job- you are paid for results. Having a plan is the best way to actually help us know what to focus on today and to get started.


Here’s a great way to start you down the path of creating your plan for 2021

Start by using the Rule of 3’s


  1. What are 3 key business goals or objectives you plan to accomplish next year?

Identify 3 obstacles that could prevent you from achieving those goals

Create 3 strategies you will employ when you encounter these obstacles.


  1. What are 3 personal goals or objectives you plan to accomplish next year?

Again, define the 3 obstacles and 3 strategies for overcoming them.


  1. What are the 3 things you do that create the most value in your business?


  1. What are the 3 biggest distractions that keep from you high value tasks?


  1. What can you focus your energy and attention on this week to get yourself started?



That’s it my friends, Happy planning and Goal setting!


Enjoy the holidays, and please reach out if I can ever be of support or service to you as you forge your path toward success!


Cheers to you, your continued success, and most of all your health.

One Quarter Turn at a Time