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My Quarter Turns

10 days. 10 inspirational videos. 10 minutes per day.

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Appreciate Your Value – The impact of dismissing compliments and a simple plan to honor yourself!

Review Your Relationships – Will you be getting a raise or getting fired?

Identify Your Triggers – Identify who and what causes you to relinquish your power and what impact that has on achieving your goals.

Stop “Discounting” Yourself – A self-confidence and self-esteem assessment that will reveal the truth about how you think and feel about YOU!

Be In The Flow – Identify your “sweet spot” and learn how to leverage your strengths in every day life.

Overcome Fear – Learn how to confront fear, step through it and experience MASSIVE growth as a result

Let Go of Your Excuses – Excuses keep us in our comfort zones and “playing small.” In this Quarter Turn exercise you will confront your excuses and dismantle them one by one so you’re left with nothing but commitment!

Engage in the Most Important Conversation You’ll EVER Have – Can you guess what it is and with whom?


“I had a wonderful experience working with Tim as my coach. He is attentive, thoughtful and patient. He listened closely, helped me connect ideas together in ways that helped me get clarity in my thinking and my action, and held me accountable in a safe and respectful way. He guided me towards discovering helpful insights on my own rather than simply offering tips, talking points, or generalized, one size fits all advice. His genuine approach demonstrated that he was committed to me and my success. By actively participating with Tim in his effective coaching process and applying what I learned, I realized, and continue to realize, improvements in my performance and effectiveness in both my personal and professional life. My investment in myself through working with Tim is one of the best investments I ever made. I’m thankful I made the decision to let Tim help me help myself.”
Rob Otte

Director, Training & Development Roehl Transport

“Going through My Quarter Turns during a pivotal time in my personal and career life was the greatest support system I’ve had in a very long time. Week after week it was as if they questions and journals were triggered to exactly what was going on for me. I had the opportunity to dig deep, think about things I wouldn’t normally think about, and more importantly be honest – with myself that is. I was faced with making decisions on my own and because of me. I had to take a stand for my beliefs, my choices, and ultimately navigate towards what I want for my life.I feel happier, more comfortable in my skin, and more secure in knowing the ‘why’ to many questions. A big thank you to my coach for pushing me and for knowing just what to ask”
Michelle Minucci

CFO Bally TechnologiesDirector of Youth Leadership Rapport Leadership International

“Tim has an amazing talent of being able to hone in on one’s unique attributes and point out their strengths and weaknesses in a non-confrontational and easy to understand manner. He is well adept at fine tuning those attributes to help a person become more successful in their communication skills & interpersonal relationships at work and at home. Through my journey with Tim, I was able to conquer some of the challenges I face in the workplace with skills I already had, but that were enhanced and more developed with Tim’s coaching techniques. I would highly recommend this program to successful people who desire a higher level of self-awareness and how they can be more effective using the tools they already have.”
Carol Anne Craft

Director of Marketing Valley View Casino & Hotel

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