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Executive Coaching Can Have Measureable Impacts

My proven executive coaching program meets the accelerated pace of the modern business leader, so you can grow in stride with your already pressing demands.

People who achieve greatness do so through intentional, incremental “Quarter Turns.” Working with an executive coach can help you identify and implement your strategic turns resulting in huge growth.

During the coaching process, you gain awareness and clarity around common challenges. Then we develop sustainable strategies to work toward your desired outcomes.

Part of the coaching process includes intensive accountability through one on one conversations and associated course work. This allows you to achieve and excel at a rapid yet constant pace.

The expectations and outcomes you set at the beginning of the coaching relationship are consistently evaluated, during your executive coaching sessions. Together, we create an achievable course to help elevate your strengths while identifing challenges that may be holding you back.

What You Can Always Expect from Me

Reliable Honesty

Accountable Objectivity

Big Perspective


Transformative Results

My Five Step Executive Coaching Process

As an Executive Coach, I am committed to motivating you to achieve your goals at your full potential.

Each coaching client experience is fluid and unique to the individual, and all start with my 5 Step Coaching Process.

Become Aware

All aspects of your life are open to discussion here as we outline the areas where you can make adjustments and improve results. We identify unproductive behaviors and habits that have prevented you from reaching your full potential. We create new habits that inspire more of what you want to be.

Create Clarity

We take inventory of where you are, identify your goals and challenges, both personal and professional. You clearly outline your personal brand and vision of where you want to go, with as much detail as possible. This process is constantly revisited and measured during the Coaching Program.

Identify Obstacles

My first coach once told me, “Life hands you the same lesson over and over again until you figure our how you are going to deal with it.” This is where we identify and label those challenges that keep showing up in your work and in your life.

Develop Strategies

We take time and intention to craft and test strategies, so that you consistently achieve your goals and outcomes, turning your vision into reality.

Evaluate Progress

Once the strategies are in place we measure and modify as necessary to create a new, even more productive habits. We monitor the progress of each goal, and make adjustments as necessary.

How It All Works

  • Initial consultation to discuss intended outcomes, review pre-consultation assessment, and ensure it’s a solid partnership
  • Review any previously taken assessments such as DiSC, Meyers Briggs, ect. (360 profile optional for additional charge)
  • Hold a phone conference with administration and/or other relevant individuals if needed
  • Schedule weekly/bi-weekly coaching calls 30-60 minutes. Frequency varies based on client and level of chosen service.
  • Associated Program Course Work based upon pre-determined outcomes, assessments and 5 Step Coaching Process
  • Participant is expected to complete coaching commitments and course tasks in between scheduled coaching sessions.
  • Unlimited email access to Coach.
  • (911) Calls for all candidates, in between live session as needed.
  • Face to face conversations are encouraged as schedules permit during the coaching period.
  • ** Pre-work and assessments allow Coach & Client to hit the ground running**

Meet Your Executive Coach

Hi, I’m Tim Furlong, your executive coach.

I have coached over 1000 professionals in my career from the CEO down to the Loading Doc Manager, with clients as diverse as Platinum Selling Rock Stars, to Real Estate Brokers. Nothing charges me more then to watch each and every one of them continue to grow and succeed at the highest levels in their chosen fields.

You will find my energy and enthusiasm contagious.

I know that if you’re here, you’re ready to grow. You’re ready to set a goal, and then surpass it. In the My Quarter Turns Executive Coaching Program, I guarantee you’ll have this exact experience. Ultimately you are hiring a coach to get results, and I stay committed to the expectations you set out, so that we can see massive success in your future.

I’d be honored if you joined the My Quarter Turns Executive Coaching Program.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at coach.tim@me.com

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