My Quarter Turns


Are You User-Friendly

  Apple has built one of the most profitable businesses in the world based on just one premise- being “user friendly.” They have become so successful that every tech, web, cloud-based and software company has had to modify, adjust, and adapt how their products...

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Entering the Final Third

  Don’t look now but the summer is over! Hard to believe isn’t it? I trust that in our first post covid summer you’ve had the opportunity to take some time off, visit with family and friends, take a well needed vacation, and unplug from the matrix to recharge...

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The Sum of Our Habits

  I once read a study that said the average person makes roughly 20,000 decisions during the course of a day. Clearly not all of these are life impacting: how much toothpaste you put on the brush, which foot hits the floor first when you get out of bed, ect. The...

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Unplug From the Matrix

  Most summers my family and I are fortunate enough to vacation up in Northern Michigan (yes just like in that song by Kid Rock). It's truly one of the most beautiful places on earth, with it's' clear blue waters, sandy beaches, clean air and quaint little...

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The Velvet Rope Policy

  Seems like everyone I’m speaking with these days is having difficulty managing their time. Never seems like there are enough hours in the day to complete even the most basic of tasks let alone the key initiatives that the organization is relying upon you to...

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Problem vs. Dilemma

As we slowly enter a post-covid economy the modern workplace is fraught with many challenges. Rapid changes in our businesses make it tough to keep up with our own self-inflicted obstacles, let alone keep up with our competition. Market volatility makes it hard to...

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The 120 Minute Window

Have you ever noticed that during the natural course of your day there seems to be times where you are just able to get things done? Without much effort at all you put out an enormous amount of high quality-high value work? In these times our productivity levels...

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Win the Morning

It’s probably no surprise that I’m asked to coach and facilitate a lot of sessions around productivity and time mastery. What I’ve learned over the years is that this subject is a lot like golf. Golf is a game that you never really win, you just play. Some days you...

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6 Month Review

  Seems like only a few weeks ago we were taking down our holiday lights and shoveling snow, now we are making our 4th of July plans? How does that happen so fast? I haven’t gotten used to how fast the time passes these days, but like everyone I’ll just have to...

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Lessons From a High School Guidance Counselor

  This past weekend I attended a retirement party for my older sister who has worked at the same high school in our hometown of Ann Arbor as a teacher, gymnastics coach and counselor for 32 years. Working anywhere for that length of time is something we probably...

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