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Graduation Day

  It’s Graduation Season once again and even though our ceremonies look a bit different than they used to, this annual ritual is a much-needed celebration and a special time to honor the achievements of the next generation.   While this time of year has...

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Work is No Longer a Place?

  Barring yet another wave of Covid outbreaks, it appears that most of the country will be back on track over the next few months. While mask wearing and social distancing may be here to stay for quite some time, many businesses and organizations already have...

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It’s a Cruel Business

  The Madness of March has finally ended and if you happen to be a college basketball fan then you were treated to one of the most exciting tournaments that anyone could ever ask for. Over the weekend the underdog ULCA Bruins almost pulled off the upset of the...

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Qualities of Lifelong Learners

  For many years my business partners and I would begin our training seminars with a statement that said there are usually three types of people in a session like this. The first type we called Hostages- they really didn’t want to be there and had so many better...

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The Other Side of Hard

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Michigan Wolverine fan and that College Basketball’s March Madness is my favorite time of year. Last night my Wolverines won the outright Big Ten Regular season championship. Fittingly they did it by beating our in-state rival Michigan...

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Who’s Producing Your Hit Record?

  I recently watched a great documentary about the late Tom Petty and his band The Heartbreakers. Here’s a guy that had a music career which spanned over 4 decades so he clearly did a lot of things right. I was really surprised at how many of his songs I know and...

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Nobody Roots for Goliath

When I was a boy my dad- Fuzz as some of you know him- and I watched a lot of sports together. Before I was even 10 years old, I recognized that certain teams always seemed to win. I also noticed that when people spoke about these winning teams, many of their comments...

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Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

It’s that time of year, just a few weeks into January. The excitement of a new year creates new hopes and aspirations which allows us all to consider the possibility creating a brand New YOU.   It is estimated that 188 million Americans made New Year’s...

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The New Workplace in 2021

  I think we can all agree that the past year was like no other in our lifetimes. So much has changed in our world in such a short period of time and the full impact of what we’ve experienced and are still experiencing will not be fully appreciated or understood...

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What’s Your Plan for 2021?

What’s Your Plan for 2021? First off, I want to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday. Thanks for tuning into My Quarter Turns and for sharing all of your success stories. I’m looking forward to continuing to add value for you as we head into the New Year....

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