My Quarter Turns

Sent Doesn’t Mean Received

  Study after study confirms that the number one challenge within most organizations is Communication- or lack of it. Yet if I were to ask you what you spend most of your time doing all day, every day what would you tell me?  Communicate right?   How are we...

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New Year’s Resolution Solution

  Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?   Yes, it’s January and it’s that time of year when many people begin the process of pursuing their New Year’s resolutions. This annual commitment to radically reinvent our lives is probably the biggest setup for...

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Holiday Lessons From Clark Griswold

  This past weekend my family and I watched one of my favorite old movie’s -Christmas Vacation. I never seem to get tired of watching Clark Griswold and his futile attempts to provide the perfect Holiday for his family. This year, I realized that in many ways I...

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So This is Christmas- What Have YOU Done?

  I keep hearing that song on the Radio by John Lennon, “So this is Christmas” In the first line John Lennon pointedly asks us “What have you done?  Another year over and a new one just begun”   The timing of this song is an excellent reminder to take...

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10 Tips for a Stress Free Holiday

  It’s that time of year- bells are ringing, children singing and all is merry and bright. Everyone except for you that is, because between your work, family, friends and year-end events you are completely stressed out. Simply surviving the holidays is no way to...

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Being Thankful Begins With Saying Thank You

  It’s that of year again. The time when family and friends have the opportunity to make the long trek home, gather around a meal, and toast a glass to those things that they are Thankful for. It’s also a great time to reach out to those people around you, in...

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The Velvet Rope Policy

  Seems like everyone I’m speaking with these days is having difficulty managing their time. Never seems like there are enough hours in the day to complete even the most basic of tasks let alone the key initiatives that the organization is relying upon you to...

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Be the Backstop For Your Team

  I was facilitating a session for a client on delegation and the discussion shifted at one point in the true role of a leader. Many in the group were under the false assumption that their role as a leader was to take away every problem that their team...

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Aim High

  It’s that time of year again- We’ve officially entered the final quarter of 2019 and that means we get to make two extremely important decisions about how we end this year Like a freight train running at top speed Or like a beat-up old Ford Fiesta from 1992...

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Success Leaves Clues

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to keep achieving at a high level over and over? No matter what they choose to put their effort and energy into, things just seem to keep working out for them.   Have you ever experienced success in a certain area only...

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