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Thanksgiving Needed Now More Than Ever

In case you haven’t already noticed 2020 has been a memorable year, and mostly for all the wrong reasons. With Covid running wild though out the country, lingering effects of a divisive election that’s turned families and friends against one another- and still hasn’t...

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Check Under the Hood

  Whenever a team isn’t performing at the level they are capable, there is bound to be frustration. Sometimes this frustration can lead to a whole host of other dysfunctional team behaviors like “the Blame Game,” “Passing the Buck” and even “Checking Out” on...

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Video Conferencing Made Easy

The advent of the video conference is here to stay. That doesn’t mean we aren’t going to have live face to face meetings and conferences anymore. It does mean that we are all going to be forced to make video conference part of our daily lives.   Whether you work...

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Goodbye to a Guitar Hero

  I remember when I was younger and my mom was about the age I am today. Every so often I would hear her shout from somewhere in the house “OH NO!” It was usually when one of her childhood heroes had passed away. This past week the same thing happened to me....

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Qualities of Exceptional Leaders

  There are thousands of books written about leadership and just as many theories written by known and unknown scholars. If you’ve read any of these or had the opportunity to work with or for an Exceptional Leader, then you have probably noticed some common...

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Meet the Moment

  There’s a great expression that says – “No one cares about leadership when you are winning!” The past 8 months have certainly challenged organizations large and small and pushed our families right up to the edge. Leadership has definitely had an impact on how...

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What Have We Learned?

I’ve been hearing so many amazing stories of how people are coping, and lessons learned from people within the Quarter Turns Universe over the past few months. Probably the most inspiring is how so many of you have gotten to know and re-engage with your families and...

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Plant Your Tree

  There’s an old Chinese proverb that asks when is the best time to plant a tree? The answer… 20 years ago. The second-best time… Right Now.   If you think about the past 5 months our world turned a bit sideways. Imagine if you would have known then what you...

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Something Things Don’t Go According To Plan

  If there is anything we’ve all learned over these past 4 months it’s that no matter how great things are going or not going at the time, things are bound to change. It’s also true that no matter how great your plans are, or how well prepared you think you may...

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Now What?

  So we’ve opened up the country and as expected some regions and states appear to be doing better than others. I’ve read that the current Covid situation less like a second wave but more like a forest fire that continues to flare up and simply refuses to be put...

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