My Quarter Turns


So Much For “The Way We’ve Always Done It”

  There is no doubt that people both at work and outside the workplace are getting out of their comfort zones and doing things a lot differently.   Simple things like a trip to the grocery store now require the prep and planning of a NASA engineer.  ...

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  Over the past 6 weeks I’ve been extremely active writing, recording and posting new blogs and articles with the intent to provide you as much support and encouragement as possible.   The positive response has been overwhelming so I want to thank each and...

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Response Ability

  Something we’ve all learned over the past several weeks is that during challenging times, leadership matters more than ever. I’ve had the good fortune of working with some amazing leaders over the past 20 years, and the one common denominator I’ve found is that...

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Emerge Stronger Than Ever

  The other day I connected with a former coaching client and I asked him how he was dealing with our current situation. His answer was inspiring so I thought I would share it with you.   He works in the gaming industry and like so many his business has come...

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Sports or No Sports

  Like many people I was so looking forward to the annual March Madness College Basketball Tournament last month and like many, was extremely sad it needed to be cancelled. Just like every other sporting event over the past month, basketball seems like a small...

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Permission to Freak Out

  The other day I when I woke up, it was cold, grey and gloomy outside. Michigan had done something many midwestern states do at this time of year- teased us into thinking winter was over with a 70- degree day only to pull the take-away-close and place us firmly...

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You Are Essential

  The world has certainly changed over the past few weeks. More so than ever seemed possible. One thing that has becoming painfully clear- in a service-based economy there are very few “Essential Jobs”   Think about it for just a minute- unless you happen to...

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Traditions on Good Friday

  If this was a normal Good Friday, I would have only worked a few hours and then packed up my family and headed over to my brother or my sister’s house here in Ann Arbor for the annual family tradition of making Pizza Bread. This dish tastes nothing like pizza...

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Create a Routine

Have you noticed that the routine you’ve had for many years has suddenly been tossed out the window? Working from home has thrown many people so far out of whack that they aren’t sure what to do with themselves. Simple things like taking a shower, getting dressed and...

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Leadership Doesn’t Matter When You Are Winning

  If I hear the word unprecedented one more time I’m going to implode. Yes we are dealing with something we’ve never experienced before, and yes it’s going to take a huge effort on the part of everyone to get through it. So let’s do everyone a favor and stop...

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