My Quarter Turns


What & Who Are You Thankful For?

  It’s that of year again. The time when family and friends have an opportunity to make the long trek home, or the trek just across town. It’s the time we gather around a great meal and toast a glass to those things which we are most Thankful for. It’s also a...

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Impact & An Audience of One

Dusty Hill, the Bass player from Legendary band ZZ Top passed away this summer adding to the list of musicians from my youth that are no longer with us. A friend suggested that I watch the ZZ Top Documentary “That LiL Band From Texas” so in honor of the Long-Bearded...

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We All Serve

  Recently I was on a call with a potential client and he mentioned to me that he had served in the United States Marine Core and that his two sons had also served in the Armed Services. At that point, like I would normally do, I thanked him and his family for...

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Communication is for the OTHER Person

  The number one reason why organizations hire consultants, coaches and trainers is usually related to the statement “We need better communication!” What’s interesting to me is that if I interviewed every member of your leadership team and asked them what they do...

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Getting the Person vs. Getting Personal

  Think about how we start most conversations with someone that we have never met before. “What do you do?” Now think about how we tend to judge people based on the answer to that question. How do we judge the people in our own business and lives based on what...

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Achieve at a Higher Level

  I’ve been fortunate in my career over the past 20 years to work with some amazing individuals and organizations that have all achieved at the highest level. During that time I've observed and gained clarity around some valuable lessons that high performers tend...

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Show Some Grace

In spite of the recent spike in covid cases, many of us are back out and about this summer. As vaccination numbers have gone up, travel has increased dramatically, airplanes and hotels are full once again, and many businesses are seeing record numbers of people...

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Knowing Isn’t Enough

  Have you ever encountered someone in your business or in life that when challenged to do something new or a bit different than the way they’ve always done it, will respond with the statement- I already know that?   Sometimes after a really great meal I’m...

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The Balance of Power Has Shifted

In case you haven’t noticed, the economy and the consumer has come back strong and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. People are ready to get back out there and the demands on our businesses have dramatically increased.   The one thing that just about...

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Recharge- Recommit- Reset

  15 months of a global pandemic sure can wear you out. No matter what type of business you are in, my belief is that your work has changed in some way shape or form as a result of what we have just experienced, and in many cases are still experiencing. People...

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