I begin every coaching conversation, every seminar, and every conference with a simple request, and today I’m offering it to you:

Tell me something good.

“Something good” can be anything that has happened to you recently; something you like; something or anything in your life that is good, be it work, play, family–whatever. Maybe it’s something that has just happened, or it could be something that is about to. I can tell you that sometimes it takes people a while to come up with that “good thing,” but they always do, and so can you.

Right now, scroll to the bottom of this post and leave a comment with your “something good.”
>> Then come right back to this spot. <<


Now that you identified – became aware – and wrote out – acknowledged – something good – 

Noticed what is happening to your state of mind.

As you think about your son or daughter accomplishing something really great, or the visit you just had with a friend or relative, or that really special item you just acquired, didn’t you just change the way you feel? Most will say yes. Just thinking about something good changes our state and usually for the better. The more important question to ask yourself is “who” actually changed your state? You did.

It’s extremely powerful to realize that we have 100% control over our emotional state, and we can change our energy and attitude simply by thinking about and recognizing all the good things that are really happening in our lives. In fact, I believe it’s one of the few things we have total control over.

There are two types of people in the world:
one type are those individuals who believe they have no say in how their day is going to go–they just wake up and it’s like a pinball machine bumping them around from task to task, crisis to crisis.

The other type are those people who seem to show up every day, by design and on purpose, with the right energy and the right attitude.

Which type do you want to be?



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