Most summers my family and I are fortunate enough to vacation up in Northern Michigan (yes just like in that song by Kid Rock). It’s truly one of the most beautiful places on earth, with it’s’ clear blue waters, sandy beaches, clean air and quaint little tourist villages. It’s an easy place to fall in love with.


There is one added benefit that I have come to appreciate just as much is that cell phone reception in this part of the world isn’t all that great and impossible in some areas. I remember the first time I failed to get reception up here several years ago and how stressed I was about it- “Oh no! What if someone wants to get into contact with me, what if I’m needed, what am I going to do?”

It took me about a day or so before I finally accepted this as part of the experience and let go, and once I did it felt REALLY GOOD! I was able to relax and enjoy time with my family, without a to-do list or an in-box. I was able to spend the days at laid back pace that is so hard to come by in the modern world. I actually did it! I had unplugged from the Matrix! I have done it every year since, and sometimes I don’t even have to go to a remote place to do it.


We all need some time in our lives to be unavailable and disconnected or as my son likes to say “Hang up and Hang out!” This is how we recharge and re-energize our internal battery so we can come back inspired and ready to fight the good fight. We simply aren’t built to be always on full tilt 24/7 365 and sleep is for our bodies not our brains.


So my question for you is where can you go today to unplug for 1 hour? Try these. A message, a coffee shop, a park bench, a room with no television. We don’t have to be in a remote location to be unavailable, we just need to make a commitment to do it.


How can you unplug from the Matrix?


Where is the best place for you to do so?


If you feel it’s impossible, what steps are you going to take in your business and in your life to ensure that you get this time to unplug?


Once you find that time especially with those you care about the most I can almost guarantee it’s will be the time that cherish the most.


Cheers to Hanging up and Hanging out

One Quarter Turn at a Time



Thought for the week:

Sipping Whiskey out the Bottle, not thinking bout tomorrow, singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long.- Kid Rock