Over the past 6 weeks I’ve been extremely active writing, recording and posting new blogs and articles with the intent to provide you as much support and encouragement as possible.


The positive response has been overwhelming so I want to thank each and every one of you as your feedback has inspired me to sharpen my skills and up my game to an entirely new level.

I get calls and emails almost every week asking me if I have a program or coaching for very specific skills or situations that people are dealing with.


Many times, those discussions lead to the Quarter Turns that I’ve shared with you over the past 10 years as I feel like many could benefit from learning about a particular topic


This week I want to do something a bit different…

As we begin to re-engage in opening up our businesses and re-starting the economy- I want to help make sure that you are fully energized and prepared to emerge stronger than you were before.


I’m preparing to launch a series Called “Re-Ignite” next week to help you and your company get ready to re-engage in the business of doing business at the highest level possible.


I’m asking all of you to think about something that you’d like to be included in this series. What is your biggest concern? What is keeping you up at night? What specifically would you like some coaching or guidance for to help you “Re-Ignite”


I’m going to take this feedback and include as much of it as I can in this high impact series. Each day during the program we will focus on a new topic designed specifically for the challenges we are all about to face


Along with sharing what you want from this, I’m going to encourage you to invite anyone that you know that you feel could benefit from the series-


So cmon- we’re all in this together- so let’s all work together to RE-Ignite!


Looking forward to getting started!