I’m now entering the age where my nieces and nephews are beginning talk about their jobs and careers. Trust me when I tell you it’s difficult for me not to go straight into Executive Coaching Mode, but I know better because these young adults are more than capable and get to charge down their own paths.


Recently in discussions with two of my nephews they both shared with me that they were getting ready to move on from their first real employer and onto other opportunities with different companies. I could sense as they were sharing this that they both felt a sense of obligation to their current job and were immensely grateful for the chance to enter into the workforce and the support they were given.

When you move on from one company to the next, it’s natural to feel some emotions of guilt or sadness as it’s an ending of a big chapter in your life and change is uncomfortable for everyone. It’s also natural to wonder if you are making the right decision, or how your current leadership will respond to your choices.


When you sense it’s time to move on or you have an opportunity that you’d like to pursue its ok to simply thank those that have supported you to that point and explore those options.


Many of us have been in that position before and asked ourselves, Should I stay, should I go? Ultimately, we get to make those choices that are best for us and our own personal journey, even when we aren’t quite certain of the outcome. This doesn’t mean you recklessly burn through jobs and employers like I see many people doing in the post covid world. It simply means there are times when it’s right to move on and we get to trust in our own instincts to know just when that might be.


When that time comes, the people that really care about you and are invested in you and your success will be sad to see you go, but they will also wish you well and show you their support. A big part of what true leaders do in an organization is Grow More Leaders. Sometimes that growth leads to opportunities outside of the current organization. That’s not a bad thing, that means the leader has done their job and done it well.


If they get angry and upset or spiteful about it, well then you probably made the right decision. And keep in mind that reaction is a direct reflection of that particular person’s own insecurities or fear of rejection and really has nothing to do with you.


As I’ve mentioned before everything has a “use by date” even a job. At some point it makes sense to ask yourself:


Am I where I belong?

Am I in a place that’s invested in my growth and providing the opportunities I crave?

Have I gotten comfortable with being comfortable?

Have I maxed out my options in this current role?


These are the questions that help us get our own next levels and they are no easy answers.

This is also the natural progression in your professional and personal development and worth asking yourself on a consistent basis.


Cheers to you and being where you belong

One Quarter Turn at a Time


Thoughts for the week:


Letting go means that some people are part of your history but not part of your destiny.

-Steve Maraboli


There comes a time in your life when you have to choose to turn the page, write another book or simply close it. -Shannon Adler


Life moves on and so should we. –Spencer Johnson


The great courageous act that we must all do is to have the courage to step our of our history and past so we can step into our dreams. -Oprah Winfrey



Movin on, cruising my own way, and I don’t need no one telling me I’ve got to do it my own way. – Coach Tim from the Something Wild Days!


Looking forward to our next Connection

Coach Tim