How Are You Celebrating Your Success?

Almost seven years ago I made it a goal of mine to have a positive impact on 1,000,000 people. While I’m not celebrating the accomplishment of that particular goal just yet, I’m well on my way, as I will share with you in this article.

I have to admit when I first set the goal of impacting 1,000,000 people, I had absolutely no idea how I would go about it. I only knew I was determined to do whatever it took to achieve my goal.

One thing I knew for certain is that I would have to utilize the Internet to reach such a large audience. This realization led me to seek out people who understood how to build and maintain a cohesive website. It was at that moment I introduced the Quarter Turns brand into the world. You can bet I took the time to celebrate this pivotal moment in my life.

Through this website I’ve been able to publish hundreds of blogs and articles over the past seven years which helped me grow and expand my audience. Every time I gain a new follower on my newsletter and website I celebrate one more success that is leading me closer to my goal. Nothing too big, just my own little internal “touchdown dance” because I know that big success is usually the result of many little successes.

While my website has yet to draw one million followers, the consistency of writing and publishing a new Quarter Turn every few weeks led me to the idea that I could actually write and publish a book. For almost five years now, I have challenged myself to find my voice, craft my words and formulate a message that I feel best represents me and my message about Quarter Turns.

Along the way I found so many people who were willing to aid me in my mission. Editors, authors, clients, publishers, family and friends have all contributed ideas and support throughout the journey. Quite honestly, without their support I’m not certain I ever would have gotten to the endpoint.

Every time I got the message just the way I wanted it, and captured the Quarter Turn in its essence, I celebrated the moment. There is something about capturing that perfect thought and committing it to the immortality of written words that really fires me up these days and inspires me to continue. Especially when I hear back from someone the Quarter Turn resonated with.

I’ve learned so many important lessons in pursuit of my mission to 1,000,000 people, and I’m at the first milestone this coming week. The book is now completed and ready to launch next week and guess what – I’m going to celebrate, and I’m inviting you to celebrate along with me. I think that’s only fitting since you have been along for this amazing ride these past several years.

In our lives, our businesses, with our family and our friends, the biggest moments only come about every so often. If you are waiting for those seismic events to celebrate your own success, then my friend you are waiting too long and probably missing the opportunity to celebrate all those little successes along the way. Take a moment this week when you cross the goal line to spike the ball and do your funky little touchdown dance. Invite someone else to do it with you – don’t wait.

And if you can’t seem to find something good to celebrate this week, then I’m inviting you to join me in my touchdown dance as I celebrate a big goal of mine and release my first book! 

Do me a favor and leave a response below about how you have celebrated or are planning to celebrate your successes both small and large! Let’s do our touchdown dances together!