I’m excited to be back out on the road these past few months in full force speaking, facilitating and coaching both individuals and organizations. As we’ve all been processing the lessons learned through the pandemic and these first few months of 2022, one topic that seems to keep coming up over and over again is giving ourselves and our teams Grace & Space.


I just love how that sounds, because just saying it out loud allows for it to actually happen. It’s almost like everyone needs to take a long deep breath, process what we’ve just lived through and in many cases still experiencing and then move forward.


What does Grace and Space actually look like in our businesses and in our lives? Let’s take a look:


To say the past 2 years have been challenging is an understatement by any measure. People are simply worn out and exhausted. While human beings are designed to endure an enormous amount of trauma and stress, we are not built for prolonged periods of it. The word I’m hearing a lot is that our teams are “Crispy” and it’s hard to just put your head down and do the work in any business.


Giving some Grace means allowing for those momentary meltdowns or freakouts, knowing that it’s not personal and it’s not fatal. People have gotten a bit shorter with their own fuses so give them the Grace to work it out, even if it’s not the most appropriate of times or places for this event to occur.


Make sure you give yourself that same amount of Grace when you are not feeling like a Rock Star that particular day as well. Sometimes we just need to vent some frustrations and get it out of our systems. If you are not holding everything together perfectly every day, be ok with that. And remember You aren’t paid for perfection you are paid for results.


Giving Space means allowing your teams to learn and grown at their own pace. It also allow for them to make a few mistakes and coaching them to learn the lesson when those mistakes happen. If you’ve ever been micro-managed in your life than you know how that feels, especially when you are trying to deal with everything else that’s on your plate.


Give yourself some space as well to lean into the discomfort, because when you stay uncomfortable long enough, that’s when you have a chance to really learn and grow.


The message here is simple:


Grace and Space is the path to building a team that will last long after the final Covid cases have finally subsided.


Are you giving your teams and yourself a bit of Grace and Space?

Cheers to you and your continued success

One Quarter Turn at a Time



Thoughts for the week:


Grace means that all of your mistakes now serve a purpose instead of serving shame. – Unknown


One day you will need the same grace that you will not give someone else. –Matt Wade


Grace is extending forgiveness when it’s not earned or deserved. – Unknown


I do not understand the mystery of grace, only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us. – Anne Lamott



Looking forward to our next connection


Coach Tim