The other day I connected with a former coaching client and I asked him how he was dealing with our current situation. His answer was inspiring so I thought I would share it with you.


He works in the gaming industry and like so many his business has come to a complete halt over the past month and the road back isn’t going to be easy. He shared with me that for about a week he was starting to get really angry and negative. Anyone that has met this person would know that he is one of the most positive people you could ever come into contact with, his energy and enthusiasm is contagious. He realized quickly that this wasn’t going to work for him.


During this brief period of negativity he had a moment of clarity and made a simple choice. He chose to come out of this situation stronger than he was when he entered into it.

I was so intrigued by his response, so I asked him what he meant?

He said stronger in every way meant first taking care of his health and physical fitness. He has been working out most every day- getting outside to walk his dog, riding his bike, going for a run when he can. This also meant eating the right kinds of food that will provide him energy instead of take it away.


Stronger also meant mentally. He’s enrolled in several on-line courses and webinars to build his knowledge and skills. He is also taking a course with his entire sales team and they are making time to stop and engage in discussion regarding the program and how it can impact their business and their lives.


Stronger also meant creating a new business that is in line with his current business. Building a new brand, creating marketing material, a website and social media channels. These tasks have all kept him active an engaged in a positive experience that can help keep him energized and excited well into the future.


Stronger also meant the relationships he’s built with his business contacts and customers. Staying in touch and reaching out to connect so that when we turn the economy back on, he will be ready to serve them and meet their specific needs in the new normal.


Stronger also meant connecting with those people in his life that mean the most to him. Sharing himself and his energy with those he cares about, letting them know how important they are to him, and reinforcing the bond that he already has with friends and family.


As we near the end of our lock-down period and begin the process of re-igniting our businesses and our economy a few things will be essential.


Number one– how we’ve taken care of ourselves during this “great pause” will absolutely set us up for success of non-success as we get back to the business of doing business.


Number two– the relationships you’ve built in your business and in your life are going to be more important than ever before. How have you nurtured your most important relationships during this time?


Number three– Your skill level is going to be extremely important in the New Normal. If you were marginally good or just getting by before that’s no longer going to cut it. Planning for success moving forward means upping your game to levels you’ve never thought possible. If you haven’t learned something new over the past month than my question for you is:

What the heck are you waiting for?



This week think about the following:


What are you doing during this time to come out of this “Great Pause” stronger then when we started it?


How do you plan to re-engage in your business and in your life once we hit the start button again?


What skills have you learned or refined that will make you stronger when we emerge from our  current situation.

Thought for the week:

A river cuts through rock not because of it’s power but it’s persistence.- Unknown

Tough time don’t last. Tough people do. -Unknown

You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you. –Mary Tyler Moore


Cheers to you, your success, and most of all your health

One Quarter Turn at a Time

Coach Tim