My Quarter Turns

Success Leaves Clues

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to keep achieving at a high level over and over? No matter what they choose to put their effort and energy into, things just seem to keep working out for them.   Have you ever experienced success in a certain area only...

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Remember When?

  My youngest son just started his senior year in high school. All I can wonder is where did the time go? My entire life I’ve heard those older than myself say the same thing and always wondered what the heck they were talking about. The days are slow, aren’t...

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5 Tips to Reduce Stress Levels

  All of us will experience some levels of stress in our lives. In fact studies tell us that certain levels of stress are essential to keep us sharp and allow for optimal performance. Too much stress however can have just the opposite effect on the human body,...

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With Success Comes the Struggle

  So many people I speak to and come into contact these days are completely focused on success. They read books about it, go to conferences, attend seminars and essentially do all the can to figure out how to become a success. What’s most interesting to me is...

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Don’t Stop Believing- In Your Brand

It’s no secret that I’m a huge music fan- always have been- always will be. The other day I found myself watching a documentary about the new lead singer for the band Journey- Arnel Pineda. Like many my age, Journey provided the soundtrack of my youth and their power...

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5 Tips to Stay Focused Over the Summer

  Summer is officially here and with it comes drastically altered schedules, parties, barbecues, events and hopefully a vacation. It’s easy to understand why we all have a much harder time being focused on our work, when there is just so much happening outside...

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Reroute Your Destination

The other day I was driving to a new client location about two hours from my home. Since I was unfamiliar with the area, I programmed the address into my GPS navigation system. Just before I got to my intended exit a great song came on the radio so of course I cranked...

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Perfection vs. Results

  I read an article recently that a professional golfer is happy with their round if they hit 5-10 shots they deem to be “perfect.” That means 7-13% of the time they feel as though they have done exactly what they practice and train for every day perfectly. What...

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Give Them the Why

Recently I was facilitating a Leadership session in the great state of Iowa. To accommodate the size of the group, the organization partnered with the local community college. I have to say I was extremely impressed with how modern the facility was and the AV system...

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Leadership is About Consistency- Not Immediacy

Why do you brush your teeth everyday? It takes about two minutes and it’s a seemingly mundane task so why do you do it? I mean come on, we go to a professional dentist twice a year. They poke, and prod and clean our teeth beyond all recognition. Clearly these...

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