My Quarter Turns


Traditions on Good Friday

  If this was a normal Good Friday, I would have only worked a few hours and then packed up my family and headed over to my brother or my sister’s house here in Ann Arbor for the annual family tradition of making Pizza Bread. This dish tastes nothing like pizza...

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Create a Routine

Have you noticed that the routine you’ve had for many years has suddenly been tossed out the window? Working from home has thrown many people so far out of whack that they aren’t sure what to do with themselves. Simple things like taking a shower, getting dressed and...

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Leadership Doesn’t Matter When You Are Winning

  If I hear the word unprecedented one more time I’m going to implode. Yes we are dealing with something we’ve never experienced before, and yes it’s going to take a huge effort on the part of everyone to get through it. So let’s do everyone a favor and stop...

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Ode to Boredom

As we embark on week number two of life in the New Normal, I’ve been hearing lots of stories about people and families dealing with boredom. With school-aged kids off now on extended breaks, sports and activities cancelled, and many working out of make-shift home...

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Ego is Not Your Amigo

About 10 years ago I was conducting a leadership seminar for a group of about 30 participants which seemed to be going very well. The group was engaged, responsive and energetic which as a facilitator makes the process so much easier.   There was one person...

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Celebrate Success

  For some reason in February I almost always find myself watching the movie Miracle. This month marks the 40th Anniversary of the 1980 Gold Medal winning USA hockey team. After the movie ended there was a documentary “Miracle On Ice” with player interviews from...

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Put You in the Core Values

  If you visit any functioning organization around the country you will typically find a picture, plaque or poster depicting the company’s Core Values. Words like- RESPECT- TEAMWORK- INTEGRITY- SERVICE- TRUST and many others will usually fill up those spaces. I...

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Sent Doesn’t Mean Received

  Study after study confirms that the number one challenge within most organizations is Communication- or lack of it. Yet if I were to ask you what you spend most of your time doing all day, every day what would you tell me?  Communicate right?   How are we...

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New Year’s Resolution Solution

  Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?   Yes, it’s January and it’s that time of year when many people begin the process of pursuing their New Year’s resolutions. This annual commitment to radically reinvent our lives is probably the biggest setup for...

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Holiday Lessons From Clark Griswold

  This past weekend my family and I watched one of my favorite old movie’s -Christmas Vacation. I never seem to get tired of watching Clark Griswold and his futile attempts to provide the perfect Holiday for his family. This year, I realized that in many ways I...

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