My Quarter Turns


Summer is Here

  Memorial day has come and gone and for me that always been the official kick off of summer. There is something about summer that just invokes a feeling of freedom and that anything is possible. I wish I could somehow bottle up that feeling and keep it with me...

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Graduation Day 2022

  It’s Graduation Season once again. Caps and gowns are everywhere we look, along with a renewed sense of excitement about the future. These annual rituals are a time to celebrate and honor the achievements of the next generation.   For parents and relatives...

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The Use-By-Date

  I was cleaning out the refrigerator the other day and noticed that we had of lot of old food tucked in the back that had long since passed the use by date. I thought about how much money I probably throw in the trashcan every year because I don’t really pay...

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Grace & Space

  I’m excited to be back out on the road these past few months in full force speaking, facilitating and coaching both individuals and organizations. As we’ve all been processing the lessons learned through the pandemic and these first few months of 2022, one...

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You Don’t Need a Title to Lead

        I recently spoke at a conference and as usual my topic revolved around Quarter Turns and how you can apply these lessons to Leadership. After the session ended a young man came up to me to share how much he enjoyed the presentation and how...

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Is Anybody Listening?

  This may surprise you, but in almost 22 years of coaching senior executives and individual contributors the two words I have coached my clients more than any others are…. SHUT UP And then ask more questions.     Recently on a coaching call with a...

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Time to Recommit

    25 months of a global pandemic sure can wear you out. Add in a conflict in Europe, high inflation, global supply chain issues, staff shortages and… well you get the picture. No matter what type of business you are in, my belief is a lot has changed as a...

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What Are Your Top Three?

  I’m often asked to coach and facilitate around the topic of time mastery and productivity. It seems there’s a big need to get more done in less time and our never-ending task list and busy schedules make it hard to stay productive and feel like you are moving...

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Are You Open to Possibilities?

  Spring has finally arrived and with it a sense renewed energy and new beginnings. This is also the one of my favorite times of year as it’s marked by the March Madness basketball tournaments taking place throughout high schools and colleges all throughout the...

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What’s Your Next Level?

  I often get asked by people I come into contact, exactly what I do as a Speaker and Executive Coach. I’ll be honest with you, that question isn’t all that easy to answer. Usually this type of work is confused as motivational speaker or motivator which I...

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