My Quarter Turns

6 Months Down- 6 To Go

Seems like only a few weeks ago we were taking down our holiday lights and shoveling snow, now we are making our 4th of July plans? How does that happen so fast? I haven’t gotten used to how fast the time passes these days, but like everyone I’ll just have to get used...

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In a Groove or In a Rut

Recently I attended a conference and the speaker was talking about staying productive in the face of distractions and obstacles. He kept referring to the concept of getting yourself into your groove and steps you can take to find that ever-elusive groove where you are...

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5 Tips to Ensure Your New Hire Success

In my years of coaching Sales-people I like to encourage them to go out and buy something so they can put themselves in the place of a customer and remember what it’s like to be on the other side of the sales process.   Recently we replaced a long-term team member in...

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Get Yourself Out of the Way

A few weeks ago I was with an Executive working on strategic alignment for the coming year. As we were discussing the need to effectively communicate the vision and strategy to their teams, all the various obstacles and challenges came up that could make executing the...

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Get Uncomfortable & Trust Your Swing

Recently on a coaching call one of my clients shared with me her love of the game of golf. If you seen me speak at a conference or leadership session, you may have heard me use golf as metaphor for how we measure success in our business and our lives.   You see, golf...

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Thank you for your… time?

How odd would this be – you’re watching a live news story and see a firefighter rush into a burning building and rescue the family member of a distraught onlooker. After embracing their loved one, they turn to the heroic firefighter and say, “Thank you for your time.”...

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Leadership is a Life-long Journey

Everyone I’ve ever met or that’s watched me speak at a conference would quickly come to realize that I am a huge Michigan Wolverine fan. Since Michigan’s Men basketball team just won the Big Ten tournament in spectacular fashion and it's the eve of the NCAA...

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Be Interested, Instead of Interesting

People generally like it when others take an interest, express it and listen. Most people enjoy the opportunity to talk about what matters to them.   I had the good fortune of visiting a good friend recently. We’ve been friends for a long time and it’s been far too...

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Leadership Lessons from a Journeyman Quarterback

If you happened to watch the Super Bowl last Sunday then you were probably introduced to a Quarterback named Nick Foles. Since the hype and celebration of this Game tends to reach well beyond your average Football fans, or even sports fans, this game was probably the...

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Email is a Fast Food Transaction

A few weeks ago during one of my client sessions the topic of email management came up. If you’ve read any of my articles over the past few years then you’ve probably heard some of my thoughts around email communication and how it pertains to current business...

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