Happy New Year everybody. I’m so excited crank it up with another year of Quarter Turns to share with you. I Trust that you’re energized and ready to roll this year so let’s get started.


This year I’m giving everyone a task to complete a 52-week challenge. If you haven’t noticed there seems to be an overwhelming amount of negativity out there these days. So much that even the most positive people I know are having a hard time not getting sucked into all of it.


So this year I’m offering you all a challenge, the same challenge I offer to my coaching clients and anyone that attends my leadership sessions and conferences. I want to you to “Tell Me Something Good.”

Something Good can be anything going on in your world. It could be work related, non-work, personal, family, friends, anything that you feel is something good, I want to identify it.


The Challenge I have for you is each week I’d ask that you document your best something good. That’s right, take one day at the end of each week and write down the best thing that happened, or that you’ve experienced for that past week. Use a notebook or digital device if you prefer but keep a running log of them for each of the 52 weeks in the year.


Some of your items could be massive life events, others might be a bit more subtle, but there will always be Something Good if you choose to think about it. The goal is to be intentional about what’s going right vs what might be going wrong. Create a habit of celebrating all the “Something Goods” in your life. You may be surprised at how many you come up with.


That’s the 52 Week Quarter Turns challenge. Each week keep a running log of the best Something Good that happened for you and at the end of the year you will get the chance to share all of the amazing things that happened for you this year. I promise it will be a great way to wrap up the year when we get there 12 months from now.


That’s it my friends- I hope you all accept the Challenge!

Until next time

Cheers to you and your continued success &

52 weeks of Something Good


One Quarter Turn at a Time