Hopefully as you are reading this, you’re getting ready to spend some quality time with your family, friends or maybe even just yourself. I thought in honor of the season I’d send out 12 of the most popular and useful Quarter Turns to help propel you into the New Year and start the year off strong.


So here they are, the 12 Quarter Turns of Holidays

  1. Change is inevitable, Growth is optional and up to us.


  1. Set the bar high for yourself by writing down some clearly defined goals that you plan to accomplish this year. Start with 12 business and 12 personal goals.


  1. Before you crack open your in-box in the morning, take 10 minutes to decide on your own agenda first. E-mail is a nice, neat filing cabinet of other people’s problems and agenda, so create your agenda first.


  1. Wherever you are, and whoever you are with, BE THERE– fully present, engaged and aware. Give the gift of your Presence in that moment.


  1. Surround yourself with people that inspire, support and cheer you on. It’s much easier to accomplish something amazing when you have amazing people around you.


  1. Be a life-long-learner. After a challenging situation ask yourself “What happened?” “What outcome would I have preferred? “What will I do differently the next time?” “What did I learn from this? “How will I apply the lesson?”


  1. Avoid getting caught in “The Right Fight.” Instead focus on getting the “Right outcome.” Remember you can have great relationships, or you can be right- it’s hard to have both.


  1. No matter how you feel that day, get up, clean up and SHOW UP! “By Design and on Purpose with the Right Energy and the Right Attitude. You get to choose how you define your day, no one else does.


  1. Success is not an accident, and it takes years to become an overnight success story. Remember it’s not the time you put in that matters, but what you put into the time.


  1. Time is much more valuable than money so spend it wisely. On your deathbed I doubt you will regret not spending more time in the office.


  1. The past doesn’t equal to the future. Make peace with your past so it won’t spoil the present. This is the year you get to be the author of your own story.


  1. Enjoy the ride. Remember that life is not a dress rehearsal, and you certainly will not get a do-over.


That’s it my friends, the 12 Quarter Turns of the Holidays.

Enjoy your time, enjoy your family and friends, and most of all enjoy yourself.

Happy Holidays

Cheers to you and your continued success

One Quarter Turn at a Time