Summer is officially here and with it comes drastically altered schedules, parties, barbecues, events and hopefully a vacation. It’s easy to understand why we all have a much harder time being focused on our work, when there is just so much happening outside the workplace. To allow you to actually enjoy your summer without feeling guilt or anxiety about work, I’ve compiled a list of five strategies to help you stay on target till the fall and normalcy take over.

  1. SCHEDULE EVERYTHING. Take a few minutes this week to lay everything out that you plan to do this summer. Work projects, days off, events you plan to attend, the vacation that you so desperately need. Really take a look at your calendar and put everything in there so there are no “Oh S—!“ moments” Make sure to put some flex time in there for those items that you will most certainly forget about.
  2. RELAX THE OFFICE DRESSCODE. I’m not suggesting shorts and flip flops, but relaxing the office attire for a week or two this summer won’t cause your business to come to a crashing halt. During one of your casual weeks you may want to plan a company barbecue or fun event somewhere to help build up moral and get people talking outside the four walls of the office space.
  3. REACH OUT TO YOUR CUSTOMERS AND CLIENTS EVERY WEEK. This time of year it’s easy to slack off a bit when updating or connecting with your clients. Even though they are probably on a bit of a hectic schedule as well, they will appreciate that you are still taking care of their needs and delivering on your promise over the summer.
  4. AVOID SCHEDULING MONDAY MORNING & FRIDAY AFTERNOON MEETINGS. Place your focus on deadlines and productivity rather than hours logged in the office. People are on a crazy schedule over the summer, friends and relatives show up early and leave late. No need to create extra stress for your teams or yourself. Schedule those meetings mid week and give everyone the time they need enjoy their summer while still getting the job done.
  5. TAKE THAT VACATION & UNPLUG FROM THE MATRIX. It’s easy to shave a day or two off your vacation for a key client or customer, or plan on working over your break. Ask yourself why you work so hard in the first place? To take these precious moments and spend them with your family, friends and those you care about. Do you work ahead of time and plan accordingly so that when you are on your vacation you are actually ON vacation.

Fall will be here soon enough and with it everything magically will go back to normal along with our schedules. Take these next few months to enjoy the amazing gift of summer, without stressing yourself and those around you.

Thoughts for the week:

You can always tell a real friend…when you’ve made a fool of yourself they don’t think you’ve done a permanent job – Unknown
If I have the belief that I can do it…I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it.
– Mahatma Gandhi
Success doesn’t come to you…you go to it. -Marva Collins
Our greatest glory is not i never falling…but in rising every time we fall.



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