I recently spoke at a conference and as usual my topic revolved around Quarter Turns and how you can apply these lessons to Leadership. After the session ended a young man came up to me to share how much he enjoyed the presentation and how some key take aways really resonated with him. He then went on to tell me that he wasn’t a manager or supervisor in his organization, so he was wondering if I had any advice or coaching for him.


I smiled as I have many of times over the years when asked this question and simply stated to the young man “You don’t need a title or a team to be a leader, you lead by the way you show up everyday.” “Oh, and by the way, guess what? You are being a leader in the very moment!”

He gave me a puzzled look, and then I saw the light bulb go off in his head. The fact that he had gotten out of his own comfort zone to come and talk to a perfect stranger that had just gotten off a stage in front of two hundred people took courage. He then demonstrated such positivity about what he just experienced, was curious and open minded about how he could apply the lessons, and most of all was willing to take a risk with the outcome being a complete unknown. If those aren’t qualities of a leader than I guess I’m unclear as to what a leader truly is.


The fact is you don’t need a title or a team to be a leader. You lead everyday by the way you show up in your business, in your life and in those relationships that mean the most to you.


Here’s a few questions to get you thinking about how you are leader.


What type of energy do you bring into your workplace?

Are you the type of person you would want to work with?

How do people typically feel after they have an interaction with you?

Do they feel better, or do they feel worse?

What have you learned recently about your job, or yourself that can help you moving forward?

Are you willing to apply those lessons?

How have you gotten out of your comfort zone recently?

Are you curious and asking a lot of questions?

Are you listening after you ask those questions?

Are you open to feedback both positive and constructive from others when you receive it?


I think you would agree that none of these characteristics require a title or a team. You get to choose how you show up every day no matter your role in your organization. Lead from wherever you reside that day and everything else will follow.


Cheers to being the best leader you can be

One Quarter Turn at a time!



Thoughts for the week


Leadership is not a title, it’s a behavior. – Robin Sharma


Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader, they set out to make a difference. It’s not about the role it’s about the goal. -Unknown


Become the type of leader people would follow voluntarily, even if you had no title or position. –Brian Tracy


You don’t need a title or a team to be a leader, you lead by how you choose to show up every day. –Coach Tim