I’ve been home in Michigan this past week and we have been enjoying above average temperatures close to 80 degrees. When I was young my elementary school teacher used to refer to days like these as the Indian Summer. She called these summer-like days the last chance to enjoy the outdoors and prepare for the cold hard winter that was about to set in.


My entire neighborhood has come back to life with bikers, runners, dog walkers and kids at play. Many are outside using this second chance to pack up and store all their out-door patio furniture, or make those last minute repairs, reminding me of a few tasks I need to take care of myself.


As I’ve gotten older I now think about these last warm days of the year as a reminder and a second chance to recharge and refocus my thoughts and energy on the goals and objectives I still plan to accomplish before year-end. This is also a reminder to myself that now is the time to start creating my plan for 2017.


My first coach got me into a habit many years ago of starting my business and personal plan for the next year in October. It’s probably some of the best coaching I’ve ever received and something I encourage all of my clients to begin in October as well.


The reason to start now is that once the holiday season kicks in, and you know it’s about to, the rest of the year can go by in a blur. Year end wrap ups, parties and celebrations with colleagues, family and friends will start occupying your calendars and push your planning to the back burner.


The mistake so many of us tend to make, is to wait until the end of December or even early January to start creating these plans. My first coach used to state boldly “if you wait until January to start creating your plan for the New Year, then you will not start on your plan until April.” Trust me, I’ve made that mistake and it’s absolutely true. And if you believe this year went by fast, see how much faster it goes when you only give yourself 9 months to accomplish anything.


Do yourself a favor and start working on your 2017 goals and objectives today. The mere process of putting your plan together, creating your goals, and committing them to a written business plan is energizing. This energy will propel you to the end of the year fully charged and energized to wrap up this year strong and more importantly allow you to enter the New Year like a freight train rushing down the tracks.


Take these last few days of Indian summer and give yourself that second chance to end 2016 on a high note. Make it a priority this year to enter 2017 focused, aware and ready to accomplish everything that you desire. Start today by creating your business and personal plan for the new year.

Action Planning:


The easiest way to start your 2017 plan is to find your 2016 plan and edit it. No need to start from scratch. Check off everything you have done, feel good about it, then re-commit, revise, edit or delete anything else and add what you would like to for the next year.


No sand-bagging! Put down some really exciting goals both professionally and personally. Really stretch yourself into committing to some things that you will be proud of accomplishing next year.


If you are stuck and would like some help- send over what you have started and we will build an amazing plan for 2017 together.


Cheers to your success – One Quarter Turn at a Time.



Thoughts for the week:


The best gift in life is a second chance.- unknown


Sometimes second chances work out even better the first because we learn from our mistakes. – unknown


Crisp air, pretty leaves, sweaters and boots, football, pumpkins and hot coffee, I love October- Unknown


Plan your work and work your plan. –Napolean Hill


If plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters! Stay cool. –Unknown


Plans are nothing, planning is everything. – Dwight D. Eisenhower