It’s that time of year again- We’ve officially entered the final quarter of 2019 and that means we get to make two extremely important decisions about how we end this year

  1. Like a freight train running at top speed
  2. Or like a beat-up old Ford Fiesta from 1992 gasping and crawling into the New Year.


If you plan to make 2020 your best year ever, then these last 12 weeks of the year are the most important because they will either set you up for amazing success or start you down the same ole path of the “way you’ve always done it”


Believe it or not the choice is 100% up to you so why not choose option #1 and be that freight train running down the track at top speed with enough energy and momentum to propel you towards the life you have always believed that you can have.

The recipe for success is fairly simple if you follow this proven 5 step formula over the next 3 months- So are you ready?

Let’s Roll


  1. Start by taking an honest assessment of where you are year to date. How have the past 9 months gone for you? What goals and outcomes have you achieved up to this point that you feel good about? Have you taken the opportunity to celebrate your accomplishments or are you simply beating yourself up over what you haven’t done yet? Of course there are things you haven’t gotten to, but this first step is the most important because you have made progress this year and if you don’t take the time to celebrate and enjoy your achievements, then life is just another endless to-do list and guess what… that’s not fun. Create a list of everything you’ve accomplished this year and give yourself a pat on the back for getting it done!


  1. Now take a look at everything that you haven’t been able to accomplish this year. Create a list and take a good honest look at what ends up on it. Avoid your negative self- talk or your need to beat yourself up and simply look at this list objectively.


  1. Ask yourself why you haven’t been able to cross these goals and objectives off your list. What are the circumstances that have led to these not getting done? If they were out of your control decide if they are still worth pursuing and create some concrete objectives that are within your control to start down the path. If you haven’t accomplished your goal because of things that are 100% in your control ask yourself – Am I still committed to this? Is this still something I want? If the answer is no than simply cross it off- get rid of it because it’s just clogging up your productivity and wasting energy. If the answer is yes than once again create some concrete objectives for the next 3 months that are within your control and start moving the ball in the right direction.


  1. Look at your calendar over the next 3 months. Plan and schedule everything you possibly can. We already know that there are holidays and events that you will want to enjoy that will take away from productive days, budget for them. Block off days in your calendar to get caught up, for strategy, or just undistracted times. Make sure you create time to take care of yourself so that you have the energy to finish the year strong so that you can start the next year refreshed, energized and ready to accomplish everything you’ve set out to do.


  1. Now that we’ve cleared the decks, its’ time to start creating your plan for 2020. Start with 12 business and 12 personal goals you have for yourself between now and Dec 31st Put some things down on paper that will excite you and energize you- Aim High! The reason why people don’t achieve at high levels isn’t because they set their goals too high and miss them- it’s because they set them too low and hit them- otherwise known as the recipe for mediocrity. Don’t worry about the “how” just yet, focus exclusively on the “what” The how will present itself over the coming months when you least expect it.



That’s it friends. 5 simple steps to get you started down the path towards success. The most important thing you can do as we close out 2019 is to start thinking about 2020 because if you wait till the new year to start your planning, then you won’t get started until April.

Good luck, and please reach out to me if you are feel “stuck” I’m happy to provide you the boost of energy needed to finish strong and start strong!


Here’s to your continued success

One Quarter Turn at a Time!


Coach Tim


Thoughts for the week:


Make time for planning- wars are won in the General’s tent. -Stephen Covey


Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now. -Alan Lakein


Be not afraid of growing slowing, be afraid only of standing still. -Chinese Proverb


Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential. –Winston Churchill


The more time you spend contemplating what you should have done, you lose valuable time planning what you can and will do. -Lil Wayne


Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution- this gives you a 1000% return on your energy. -Brian Tracy


It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan. -Eleanor Roosevelt



Looking forward to our next connection


Coach Tim