Today happens to be my birthday. 46 years ago today, I started my journey. At the same time Neil Armstrong was preparing for his walk on the moon, Everyday People by Sly & the Family Stone topped the Billboard charts, The Godfather was first published, a gallon of gas was 30 cents, a six pack was $1.75 and the turbulent decade of the 60s was coming to an end.

I’ve been thinking of what I wanted to write about this day for quite some time. I wanted it to be a celebration of what I’ve been blessed with over the years as well as an invitation for you to think about the same.

To honor this event, I’ve decided to keep it short and share with you some of my favorite Quarter Turns that seem to keep appearing in my sessions, seminars and coaching calls over and over again. Much like myself, while they are getting a bit older, they have a great message and still clean up pretty well!

If you’d like to give me a great birthday present, please post a comment and weigh in on your own favorite Quarter Turns and let me know how they have impacted you in your life or your business.

Here goes!

-Life will hand you the same lesson (or the same person) over and over again until you figure out how you are going to deal with it.

-People don’t do things to you, they do things for themselves.

-SHUT UP! And ask another question. Be interested instead of interesting.

-Success is not an accident and leaves many clues, are you paying attention?

-You create an experience for everyone you come into contact with. As a result of this experience, do those people tend to feel better or worse?

-What is your personal brand? Would you buy it, or pass for a better value?

-Is it more important for you to be right, or get the right outcome? Can you give up your need to be right, even if you are, in order to keep moving forward?

-Are you superimposing your own values, beliefs and the way you would do something onto those around you. If so, how’s that working for you?

-Is this the hill I want to die on today?

-Stop confusing motion with progress.

-What is the outcome I really want, and is my behavior moving me closer to that goal or pushing me further from it?

-Most leaders are willing to offer help when it’s needed. Ask yourself – are you willing to accept help when it’s offered to you?

-Remember to unplug from the matrix on a regular basis.

-Feedback is a gift, not a punishment. Make sure you thank those who are willing to tell you what you need to hear instead of only what you want to hear.

These are just a few that come to mind as I sit here and reflect on the past year. I hope My Quarter Turns has had the impact on you that they have had on me.

Thanks for continuing to read, engage and become part of my story. Here’s to the next 46 years, one Quarter Turn at a Time!

Looking forward to our next conversation.