Today I turned 50, a half century…WOW.  Seems like a lot of time, but I feel like there is still so much time left and still so much more to do. One thing I’ve learned in 50 years is that in order to move forward with intention and purpose, it’s also good to look back and reflect on the lessons learned over the years so you can apply those Quarter Turns that make all the difference.

So in honor of turning 50- I thought I’d share 50 Quarter Turns that come to mind. So here goes 50 for 50.

  1. Everybody could use a coach.
  2. Just show up.
  3. Take time every day to celebrate “Something Good”
  4. Bring the right energy and attitude everywhere you go.
  5. You create an experience for those you come into contact- make it a good one.
  6. Take time to savor and appreciate those little things in life that make you happy.
  7. Everything in life has a use-by date.
  8. Treat your body like you plan on living to 100.
  9. Eat more food that grows, instead of something wrapped up in a package.
  10. Learn something new whenever you can.
  11. Nothing great ever happens inside of your comfort zone
  12. The biggest objection is the one we are carrying with ourselves- once we get over it, others do too.
  13.  Asking for help when you need it isn’t a sign of weakness- it’s a sign of intelligence.
  14. Focus on your strengths, hire to your weakness.
  15. If you don’t ask for something than the answer is always no.
  16. SHUT UP- and ask more questions.
  17. Design the life you have always wanted and don’t settle for anything less.
  18. A good night’s sleep and a shower can cure most of life’s ills.
  19. Whatever your role is, act like you belong there- because you’ve earned it.
  20. If you can’t celebrate all the amazing things you bring to the table than why should anyone else.
  21. When someone offers you compliment- just say thank you!
  22. When someone provides you constructive feedback- just say thank you!
  23. You already have more than you need. Be grateful for all you have.
  24. Unplug from the Matrix every once in a while- be unavailable.
  25. Create a morning ritual that starts off your day with intention and impact.
  26. Remember to laugh and have some fun everyday.
  27. Have some clearly written goals, both long term and short term.
  28. Know your brand and ask yourself daily if you are living up to it.
  29. When you accomplish something special- spike the ball and do your touchdown dance!
  30. Stay in contact with those special people in your life.
  31. Call your parents.
  32. Make amends with someone from your past- carrying a grudge gets tiring.
  33. You never learn anything in life until you get your head handed to you.
  34. You are not paid for perfection you are paid for results- stop being so hard on yourself.
  35. If you focus on the few things going wrong- you fail to appreciate the many things going right.
  36. Successful people have made a habit of doing things others don’t do.
  37. Change is inevitable- growth is optional.
  38. Time is more valuable than money- spend it wisely.
  39. Success is not an accident and there’s no such thing as an overnight success.
  40. When you are angry you will make the greatest speech you will ever regret.
  41. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and lift you up.
  42. Avoid getting caught in “The Right Fight”- you can be right or you can have great relationships.
  43. Life will hand you the same lesson over and over again until to figure it out.
  44. Not making a decision is still a decision, and one you’ve lost all control over.
  45. Habits and routines define who we are- What are yours?
  46. Avoid nay-sayers and negativity- those things are contagious.
  47. Your job is what you do, not who you are. What is your purpose?
  48. When you find a job that fulfills your passion- you will never work again.
  49. It’s the people in our lives, not the things we have that make the journey so special.
  50. Life is not a dress rehearsal and we will not get a do-over.
  51. …. TBD

Thanks for being part of my journey- Cheers to 50 more years of Quarter Turns!