I was thinking this weekend about some way I could thank everyone in my sphere for all of the support, positivity, and inspiration you have provided me not just through the past year, but over the past 15 years of Quarter Turns. Your stories of how these articles have impacted you, shown up at just the right time, energized you to succeed, and helped you along your journey are truly the fuel that ignites my creativity to publish these stories out into the world.

I thought for the holiday week I would forward you some of the most “liked” holiday Quarter Turns that you have all responded to over the years as a little gift to close out 2021 and propel ourselves into the New Year.

So for the next 5 days please enjoy these little Holiday treats. As always- Cheers to you, your continued success and above all your health and the health of those that you love…

One Quarter Turn at a Time


Bah Humbug- Lessons from Ebenezer Scrooge


The other day I watched an old version of the movie “A Christmas Carol.” This classic Dickens tale has always been one of my favorites because I love stories about transformation and of discovering what is truly important in life.


Toward the end of the movie when old Scrooge is happily giving away presents and money to those around him, someone asks, “What happened to you?” To which Scrooge replies, “I realized that I like life!” Scrooge had changed the conversation he was having with himself and in the process changed his entire outlook on life.


While I understand that this is just a great old story, I also completely understand that the most important conversation I have is the one I’m having with myself on a daily basis. The reality is this is the only conversation that can truly make a difference. I’ve learned to consistently monitor and pay attention to this conversation to ensure it’s helping propel me towards a life I’ve planned by design, with intention and purpose.


I wouldn’t be truthful if I told you that sometimes that conversation doesn’t drift or shift towards negativity and dysfunction because I’m human and it does. I will also tell you that I’ve worked hard enough and long enough to become truly aware of that conversation and have developed strategies to intervene and correct my thoughts so that I can get back on track to my goals and outcomes.


If you are not where you want to be in your life, your business, relationships, finances, or anything else, the first question you may want to ask is what conversations are you having with yourself about this particular area of your life?


The second most valuable question you may wish to consider is, “Is this conversation moving me closer to the goals and the outcomes I desire, or pulling me further away from them?”


Finally, think about the conversation you could have with yourself, or have had in the past, that would virtually guarantee the results and outcomes you desire.


Your success is determined by you! No one else gets to control the conversation going on in your head. It’s actually empowering to realize that you have a say in your own life and your own outcomes.


Remember, the most important conversation you will have every day is the one you are having with yourself. Make sure you are having the right one, because it is usually the only conversation that can truly make a difference.


Coaching Points for the week to get you thinking about your most important conversation:


  1. To move forward in my life or my business the first thing I will do is…
  2. The main reason I am where I am in my life is that I’ve chosen to…
  3. The main areas in my life where I seem to be stuck are…
  4. The load I’ve been carrying around that I need to let go of is…
  5. The Big Rock that I absolutely will start moving towards once again is…
  6. The first step I’m committing to this week is…

Pay attention to that conversation you are having with yourself right now and honestly ask yourself, “Is this the right conversation?”



Thoughts for the Week:


Only two things can change your life. Either something new comes into your life, or something new comes from you. – Brendon Burchard


All the animals except man know that the principle business of life is to enjoy it. – Samuel Butler


One is taught by experience to put a premium on those few people who can appreciate you for what you are. – Gail Godwin


A person who doubts himself is like a man who would enlist in the ranks of his enemies and bear arms against himself. – Alexandre Dumas


Life itself is energy, so if you have no energy what does that say about your life? – Unknown

Looking forward to our next conversation

Tim Furlong