5 Tips to Stay Focused Over the Summer

Summer is officially here and with it comes drastically altered schedules, parties, barbecues, events and hopefully a vacation. It’s easy to understand why we all have a much harder time being focused on our work, when there is just so much happening outside the workplace. To allow you to actually enjoy your summer without feeling…read more.

Lessons From Ninja Warrior

Wow, do I love the American Ninja Warrior show! Hundreds of “warriors” navigate through a variety of obstacles designed to test the athletes’ ingenuity, endurance, strength and balance. Viewing the obstacles, I find myself contorting my face in disbelief, thinking, sometimes aloud, “Are you kidding me? Who even thought of that? There’s no way!” When…read more.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

  Everyday we are given an amazing gift. In fact we receive 86,400 of them on a daily basis. The great news is that no one gets more of this than anybody else. It doesn’t matter how much you earn, what country you live, your family history, ethnicity, none of this matters when it comes…read more.

Lessons From the Purple One

Last week on a long drive to a client in Chicago, I heard the news. Prince is gone at age 57. Like many I was shocked and saddened by his death. As the day progressed I found myself becoming more and more unnerved by this event.   Being a huge music fan, it’s easy to…read more.

Do You Have a Pre-Shot Routine?

  My oldest son has decided to play for his high school golf team this spring. While I’m a bit sad that this has effectively ended his baseball career, golf is a sport that we can both play together for many years to come.   His golf coach likes to forward articles and tips on…read more.

What’s Your Dream?

This past Monday night I witnessed not just one, but two young mens’ dreams come true. One of these dreams only lasted about a minute or two. The other young man’s dream will most certainly last him a lifetime and beyond. Obviously, if you are a sports fan you probably know by now that I’m…read more.

First Quarter Over-What Have You Done?

My first coach used to state in no uncertain terms that if you wait until January to plan for the coming year, than you will not get started until April. My question this week is has this happened to you? If you haven’t noticed the first Quarter of 2016 is come to an end and…read more.

Do You Chase Titles or Chase Your Passion?

I encourage all my coaching clients to use the lessons they uncover during our sessions to coach the people on their own teams. I learned a long time ago that the best way to really learn something is to teach it to someone else, because in doing so you internalize the lesson yourself. On a…read more.

The Email Problem

I put together a training and coaching proposal for a client recently. I had previous discussions with all of the decision makers so I was pretty confident that I could cover all the bases and provide them what they were looking for. I probably spent 4 hours writing & re-writing it. I wanted to make…read more.

Put Some People in There

I heard about a study that sought to understand why dogs are so interested in telephone poles. The study concluded they’re not. It turns out they’re interested in the other dogs that had visited the telephone poles.   Have you heard the advice about including a person in a photograph because it will make the…read more.