Put Some People in There

I heard about a study that sought to understand why dogs are so interested in telephone poles. The study concluded they’re not. It turns out they’re interested in the other dogs that had visited the telephone poles.   Have you heard the advice about including a person in a photograph because it will make the…read more.

Leadership Lessons From Super Bowl 50

Last Sunday, like most of the world, I gathered with family and friends to watch the Super Bowl. It’s always a good thing to still be interested in the outcome of the game late into the fourth quarter. I’m still having bad dreams about the “puppy-monkey-baby” but I will save that for another time. There…read more.

Super Bowl & Team Member Engagement

It’s that time of year again when even the most indifferent of sports fans will gather ’round over-sized HD flat screens with friends and family to watch something that most could care less about the outcome . . . the Super Bowl. I find it interesting that in a time when organizations are so focused…read more.