Have you ever thought about your biggest objections? We all have them. They are the barriers that keep us from achieving our goals and outcomes. These objections are also the reason why we do not reach our objectives.


Lawyers use objections in court to prevent the other side from using information or strategies that could help the other party prove or support their argument. Learning to use or overcome objections can be the difference between winning or losing your case as a litigator.


In the world of sales, the biggest objections are usually related to the cost of a product or service. Maybe the amount of time it takes to receive something. Or even that the intended purchaser doesn’t have a level of comfort or trust with the service provider to move forward.

In order to be successful, a good salesperson will learn to use objection handlers to overcome the most common objections and achieve the outcomes they are looking for, otherwise they will not be in business for very long.


You may not be a lawyer or in a sales role yourself and if that’s the case you are probably wondering how this article has anything to do with you. But if you really think about it, you are constantly dealing with objections in your business and in your life. These objections are put there to keep you stuck in the moment and prevent you from moving forward.


Whether you are trying to convince your boss or a co-worker to buy into your thoughts or ideas, or hoping you get your significant other or a family member to do something you would like them to do, you are overcoming some type of objection on a daily basis.


Today I want you to think about the biggest objections you have in your life. What are they, and where do they come from? Many think these objections come from others because that’s who they tend to hear them from, but those people are just mirroring back what you choose to project out into the world. Until we learn to master and overcome these objections, the rest of the world will simply re-iterate our own thoughts back to us.


If you are honest with yourself then you probably already realize the biggest objections we are dealing with are usually our own objections.


Think about how many times over the past few weeks or months you have doubted yourself or your ability.


“Am I good enough or smart enough to do this job?”

“Who do I think I am to be able to lead this team, this project, this service?”

“I don’t have the experience, the degree, the certification to be successful in the role.”

“I could never start my own business”

“Only other people can do or have those things, not me”


These are a few of the most common objections, but I’m sure you have many more that are better suited to you.


The fact is these objections are the barriers that keep you from achieving your intended goals and outcomes both professionally and personally. Learning to consistently overcome these objections is the difference between living the life you have always dreamed about, or simply getting by.


Think about your biggest objections, you know them well because you have lived with them for many years and repeated them over and over to yourself.  Once you’ve identified them create some objection handlers to overcome those barriers and most importantly use your strategy in the critical moment when the objection comes up.


You might be surprised that once you learn to overcome your own objections, the rest of the world will overcome them right along with you.


Cheers to winning your own personal court case and overcoming your objections

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