6 Months Gone- 6 Months to Go

  In case you haven’t been paying attention 2016 is already halfway gone. I’m not even sure why the accelerated passing of time surprises me anymore, but somehow it still does. So before your check out and enjoy your Fourth of July holiday weekend this would be a great time to grade yourself on how…read more.

Going Places to Find Your Place

Graduation season is in full swing. Over the past few weeks I’ve attended four ceremonies and six graduation parties and still have a few left to get to. So far I’ve heard good speeches and bad speeches, happy speeches and sad speeches. My favorite speeches tend to reference one of my favorite authors – Dr.…read more.

5 Tips to Stay Focused Over the Summer

Summer is officially here and with it comes drastically altered schedules, parties, barbecues, events and hopefully a vacation. It’s easy to understand why we all have a much harder time being focused on our work, when there is just so much happening outside the workplace. To allow you to actually enjoy your summer without feeling…read more.