Have You Learned Anything Lately?

My first business coach used to always say “You never learn anything until you get your head handed to you a couple of times.” I’ve since learned that this statement is true, over and over again. I’m sure we all have learned something in this “unintentional” way, but I’m here to ask you another question.…read more.

Three Lessons Learned

First I want to thank you for making the launch of my first book “Quarter Turns-Small Shifts, Big Impact” such a resounding success last week. We made it all the way up to #6 on Amazon in our category just edging out Donald Trump who came in at #7- How’s that for a great day!…read more.

Quarter Turns-The Book

I have been waiting all year to post this. That’s because along with my personal coaching, blogging, and speaking – I made it a goal of mine to write and publish a transformational book. And now it’s done! The book, My Quarter Turns, is hot off the press and I am honored to share it with…read more.