What’s Your Halloween Costume?

I love Halloween, and it appears many of the rest of us do as well. I read an article that said Halloween has become the second most profitable holiday for retailers now that adults indulge in elaborate costumes and house decorating. I think my favorite part about Halloween is that we get to be someone…read more.

Leaves Are Changing, How About You?

Autumn in Michigan is truly my favorite time of the year. The changing leaves create a natural fireworks display every day. The sunny days and cool nights are perfect for sitting outside with a hot cup of coffee or hot cider wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. The apples taste a bit sweeter and pumpkins are…read more.

Be Great Today

One of the best ways I’ve ever learned to accomplish goals and sustain momentum is to pay attention to the messages and conversations I have with myself. What am I saying to myself over and over again? Believe it or not, those conversations matter. In my opinion, they are often the most important conversations I…read more.