8 Weeks Left in 2018

  This headline is meant to be a wake up call for anyone that reads it. Can you believe that there are only 8 weeks left in the year? Now is a great time to take stock on everything you have accomplished these past 10 months. Look back at how far you have come, everything…read more.

Ignore the Noise

  Over the past 20 plus years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some really smart people that run extremely successful organizations. Through coaching discussions and leadership alignment sessions I’ve noticed a pattern of steps and behaviors that high performing teams and individuals seem to follow. Whether these steps are intentional unintentional, it’s allowed…read more.

What Story Do You Tell Yourself?

  If you read any of my articles over the past 10 years you are probably aware that the “Quarter Turns” I’ve published often come from unlikely sources, or more often common occurrences that for some reason interest me. Often times they are the result of a conversation with a friend, colleague or random traveler…read more.

Who’s Your Partner

  Recently on a long drive to a client, I found a radio station playing a tribute to a popular duo of the 70’s and 80’s better known as Hall & Oates. Anyone that grew in that time frame is probably well aware that this duo somehow managed to write hit song after hit song,…read more.

Back to School- What Have You Learned?

    Like many parents over the past few weeks, I’ve gone through the yearly ritual of getting my two sons back to school. They always have mixed feelings about the start of the new school year, as there’s the sadness of another summer ending, but the excitement of starting and learning something new.  …read more.

The Sixty Minute Solution

  What is the first thing you do when you get up to start your day? If you are like millions of professionals, I would guess you probably check your smart phone, if not first thing then shortly after. Let me share with you something that probably will not come as a surprise- From a…read more.

The Yes-No Dilemma

  How many times have you gotten yourself rolling on a task or project and really started making significant progress? You finally start to see the end point and are about to complete it and then someone or something comes up and you feel as though you must say yes to and in saying yes…read more.

Put Your Own People First

  After my career as a musician ended I got a job in real estate sales which to my surprise, I was really good. I tell people my years as a musician prepared me for a job in sales because I had already learned to handle rejection really well. Early in my sales career I…read more.

Be Great in the Moment

Not long ago my son and I were watching a television program called the Voice. For those of you unfamiliar, it’s a show where talented young vocalists are paired up with and Coached by Mega-recording artists with the intent of winning a singing contest. Kind of like American idol but with Coaches which is what…read more.

6 Months Down- 6 To Go

  Seems like only a few weeks ago we were taking down our holiday lights and shoveling snow, now we are making our 4th of July plans? How does that happen so fast? I haven’t gotten used to how fast the time passes these days, but like everyone I’ll just have to get used to…read more.