About Tim Furlong

A Nationally recognized Speaker, Facilitator & Executive Coach, Tim Furlong and his unique brand of “Edutainment” have impacted nearly every type of organization for nearly two decades. The Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos, M&Ms Mars, Whole Foods, Michael Kors, The National Parks Service, New York Life, MTV & VH1, The University of Michigan Athletic Department, and The NHL’s Nashville Predators are just a few of broad range of organizations that have chosen to utilize Tim and his dynamic, insightful presentations. Tim is also the author of the book “Quarter Turns-Small Shifts, Big Impact” and Founder of the “Quarter Turns” coaching program which enables leaders in any industry to identify small shifts in approach and behavior that yield highly impactful, sustainable results. From CEO’s of fortune 500 companies, to platinum selling Recording Artists Tim’s coaching & training programs have empowered thousands of individuals and organizations to achieve at the highest levels.


Have you ever asked yourself:

• “How can I achieve at a higher level?”

• “What skills do I need to be successful?”

• “How can I gain fulfilling professional an personal relationships?”

• “What does success look like for me, this year, next year, or five years from now?”

• “What do I want?”

Do you wonder what people who achieve at a high level are doing differently? Are you ready to start moving in the direction you’ve always wanted?

The key to getting what you want, in my experience, is taking small steps towards your desired outcome, every day.  I’ve discovered that these small steps are at our fingertips if we just pay attention.

I call them Quarter Turns – small shifts that have a big impact.

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