Your FREE 10-Day Coaching Challenge

Your FREE 10-Day Coaching Challenge

10 Days. 10 Inspirational Videos. 10 Minutes/Day.

Take advantage of this FREE offer, and you will:

  • Appreciate Your Value – The impact of dismissing compliments and a simple plan to honor yourself!
  • Review Your Relationships – Will you be getting a raise or getting fired?
  • Identify Your Triggers – Identify who and what causes you to relinquish your power and what impact that has on achieving your goals.
  • Stop “Discounting” Yourself – A self-confidence and self-esteem assessment that will reveal the truth about how you think and feel about YOU!
  • Be In The Flow – Identify your “sweet spot” and learn how to leverage your strengths in every day life.
  • Overcome Fear – Learn how to confront fear, step through it and experience MASSIVE growth as a result
  • Let Go of Your Excuses – Excuses keep us in our comfort zones and “playing small.” In this Quarter Turn exercise you will confront your excuses and dismantle them one by one so you’re left with nothing but commitment!
  • Engage in the Most Important Conversation You’ll EVER Have – Can you guess what it is and with whom?

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The approach of identifying and making “quarter turns” is straightforward and powerful. I found it to be be very helpful to focus more on identifying and making these adjustments and “tweaks” to your thinking and approach to work, relationships, time management, etc. as opposed to getting overwhelmed and discouraged thinking about a complete overhaul of your way of thinking. – Joe G.

The notion that change doesn’t have to be total, complete and catastrophic is refreshing. Instead, he posits that you can simply make small “quarter-turn” changes that have enormous impact over the course of time. His approach is something you can fit into your everyday life without having to turn everything upside down. Well done, Tim. – D.P.