10 Tips for a Stress Free Holiday

It’s that time of year- bells are ringing, children singing and all is merry and bright. Everyone except for you that is, because between your work, family, friends and year-end events you are completely stressed out. Simply surviving the holidays is no way to experience the most wonderful time of the year, and if you…read more.

Retailers Have Taken Over

  Here we are the week after Thanksgiving. It’s hard to believe there are only four weeks left in the year. That’s four weeks to wrap up all your unfinished business, close a few more deals, tie up all your loose ends, get your business plans completed and set yourself up for success in the…read more.

What Are You Thankful For?

After a whirlwind speaking and training tour over the past 10 days that’s sent me, through 8 states, on 7 flights with 6 clients, I’m now ready to punch out my time clock for a few days and really enjoy the up coming Thanksgiving Break.   Thanksgiving has, and probably always will be my favorite…read more.

Lessons Learned Back in High School

  3 Quarter Turns From My Son’s High School Soccer Team   My son just finished up his senior season as one of the captains for his high school soccer team. After an amazing ride and undefeated 19-0 regular season they lost a heartbreaker in the district finals to a cross county rival. While this…read more.

Indian Summer & Second Chances

  I’ve been home in Michigan this past week and we have been enjoying above average temperatures close to 80 degrees. When I was young my elementary school teacher used to refer to days like these as the Indian Summer. She called these summer-like days the last chance to enjoy the outdoors and prepare for…read more.

Holiday Lessons From Clark Griswold

This past weekend my family and I watched one of our favorite old movies -Christmas Vacation. For some reason it never seems to get old watching Clark Griswold and his futile attempts to provide the perfect holiday for his family. This year more than any other before, I realized that in so many ways I…read more.

Is It Time To Pass the Torch?

This past week, like so many other people, I celebrated Thanksgiving with my rather large family here in Ann Arbor. Doing some quick math, I believe there were about 25 of us gathered for the annual family football contest followed by the feast. Several were unable to attend this year so that’s a bit small…read more.