The Treadmill Doesn’t Go To Eleven

If you have followed any of my articles over the past few years, you’ve probably heard me plead to the audience to take time every week and every month to “Unplug from the Matrix.” That’s just another way to ask you to remember to shut down all of your electronic gadgets and spend some quality,…read more.

Spring Cleaning

After a long, cold and quite frankly almost unbearable winter, spring is finally upon us. It’s hard to believe that one quarter of the year has already passed us by. After the first three months of the year, I like to do a quick check-up or spring-cleaning. This is where I review everything in my…read more.

The “Use-By” Date

I was cleaning out the refrigerator the other day and noticed that we had of lot of old food tucked away in the back. A closer look revealed that most of the items had long since passed their ”Use By” date. I thought about how much money I probably throw away every year because I…read more.

The Hockey Coach

I recently had lunch with a good friend of mine, who also happens to be a senior executive for a large financial services firm. We started off discussing the market and how the year was going so far. The conversation soon shifted to the one true passion in his life – coaching his son’s traveling…read more.

Focus On the Start

I was watching the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympic Games and for some reason I forgot to change the channel when there was a commercial break.  Surprisingly, I’m happy that I forgot. The commercial started by asking a thought-provoking question, “Why do we always set our sights on the finish, when the most important…read more.

Super Bowl Party

Are you preparing yourself for a Super Bowl party – the annual event we hold at the beginning of February? I read somewhere that this day is the most celebrated non-holiday event in the world. The parties and events get more extravagant each year, not to mention the budgets for these little soirées. Why do…read more.

New Year’s Resolution Solution

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? Yes, it’s January and it’s that time of year when many people begin the process of pursuing their New Year’s resolutions. This annual commitment to radically reinvent our lives is probably the biggest setup for failure we could ever perpetuate, and for some reason we keep making these…read more.

40 Quarter Turns to Start 2014

Happy New Year! To ensure that your 2014 gets off to an amazing start I’m starting you off with the latest version of my 40 most powerful Quarter Turns. You may notice some have not changed since last year, but you will notice modified and new ones as well. This is the year that you…read more.

Unplug From The Matrix

I’ve been unavailable for the past few days, but it’s by choice. I call it “unplugging from the matrix” Sometimes, at least for me, it feels really good to put down all of my devices, gadgets, smart tech, and tablets and just be a real person for a while. It seems to give me time…read more.

So This is Christmas, What Have You Done?

I keep hearing that song on the Radio by John Lennon, “So this is Christmas” In the first line he pointedly asks us “What have you done? Another year over and a new one just begun” The timing of this song is an excellent reminder to take inventory of the past 12 months, so we…read more.