Leadership Lesson from the Neighborhood Dog

I’ve mentioned many times in my articles that if you are looking for them, Quarter Turns can come from the most unlikely sources. This one just happened to come from one of my course participants neighborhood dog. If you’ve ever attended one of my courses, seminars or speaking engagements, then it will come as no…read more.

Give Yourself a Checkup From the Neckup

I flew to Phoenix recently, which for me is a four-hour cross-country ordeal that has become a routine part of my job. For this flight I had to make a late change to the date and time, which left me in the unfortunate situation of having to sit in the dreaded “middle seat.” As any…read more.

Are You Good or Are You Valuable?

The other day I was listening to a sports talk radio program and the announcer was arguing that LeBron James should have won the MVP for the NBA finals based on his performance during the series. As far as scoring, rebounds and assists, LeBron was clearly the best player on the floor, and despite losing…read more.