You Can’t Beat The Umpires

Recently, a participant in one of my leadership programs shared her experience of being moved around within her organization over the past six months against her wishes. She was told it had nothing to do with performance, and in fact her reviews were stellar. She explained that the company felt it was in its best…read more.

Do You Appreciate Dear Old Dad?

Last weekend at a graduation party for my niece I had a conversation with a friend who happens to have 2 boys about the same age as my own. Like most parents we began discussing how much better our own kids have it than we did growing up. This is a conversation between fathers that…read more.

Summer is Here

Memorial day has come and gone and for me that always been the official kick off of summer. There is something about summer that just invokes a feeling of freedom and that anything is possible. I wish I could somehow bottle up that feeling and keep it with me everyday of the year, but since…read more.