Play as a Team, Win as a Team

One of the reasons I love that my two sons play organized sports is all of the lessons that come from it and the discussions I get to have with them as a result. This spring my oldest son, Dylan, is playing soccer for a team in one of the top divisions in the state.…read more.

The Three-Dollar Flashlight

Recently, after a long flight back from the west coast, I awoke from my “plane sleep” as the aircraft touched down. Looking at my watch, I was pleasantly surprised to see it was about 12:45 a.m., almost 40 minutes ahead of schedule. As any frequent traveler knows, arriving early these days can be both a…read more.

Call Your Mom!

My Mother passed away a little over a year ago, and yet not a day goes by that I’m not reminded of her. In honor of her and the millions of other deserving Mother’s around the world, I’ve chosen a few thoughts for this week to let every Mom out there know just how much…read more.

Alignment Rather than Achievement

This Quarter Turn was written by my good friend, colleague, and editor extraordinaire Rob Otte. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Alignment Rather than Achievement Has anything like this ever happened to you? You’re feeling great about yourself because of something you achieved, and someone comes along and bursts your bubble.…read more.