40 Quarter Turns to Start 2014

Happy New Year! To ensure that your 2014 gets off to an amazing start I’m starting you off with the latest version of my 40 most powerful Quarter Turns. You may notice some have not changed since last year, but you will notice modified and new ones as well. This is the year that you…read more.

Unplug From The Matrix

I’ve been unavailable for the past few days, but it’s by choice. I call it “unplugging from the matrix” Sometimes, at least for me, it feels really good to put down all of my devices, gadgets, smart tech, and tablets and just be a real person for a while. It seems to give me time…read more.

So This is Christmas, What Have You Done?

I keep hearing that song on the Radio by John Lennon, “So this is Christmas” In the first line he pointedly asks us “What have you done? Another year over and a new one just begun” The timing of this song is an excellent reminder to take inventory of the past 12 months, so we…read more.

3 Tips to Stay Productive Over the Holidays

So we’re at that time of year, when everyone gets all warm and rosy and full of the holiday spirit.  It all started around Thanksgiving, then a mad dash to the stores both on-line and in person.  The radio started playing holiday music a few weeks ago and the retailers are doing their best to…read more.